All folk things come to an end….

All folk things come to an end….and so it is that we have decided to take a time-out to focus on other musical projects for the forseeable future.

We do however still have three shows in May to ensure that we go out on a bang. If you are in the area, come and have a blast with us one last time:

11th May (1pm) Lunchpauzeconcert met Galleons​, Utrecht
11th May (8pm) Liedjesfestival​, Nijmegen
12th May (8pm) Sofa Concert, Langst-Kierst GERMANY (final show/invitation only)

Thanks to anyone who ever put us on, put us up, bought a cd, heckled us (Sanne​, Niek​, Yvonne​, Holly​, Rudi​, Sabine​, Thomas​, Steven​), recorded, mixed or mastered our songs (Liedjescollectief, Floyd, Jordy), edited any videos (Klaas Jan, Robert) and especially David and Robert-Jan for being part of the band in the early years.

All the best,
Pete, Matt & Léon

P.S. With a bit of luck we’ll be able to share some new music in the coming months too.


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