All folk things come to an end….

All folk things come to an end….and so it is that we have decided to take a time-out to focus on other musical projects for the forseeable future.

We do however still have three shows in May to ensure that we go out on a bang. If you are in the area, come and have a blast with us one last time:

11th May (1pm) Lunchpauzeconcert met Galleons​, Utrecht
11th May (8pm) Liedjesfestival​, Nijmegen
12th May (8pm) Sofa Concert, Langst-Kierst GERMANY (final show/invitation only)

Thanks to anyone who ever put us on, put us up, bought a cd, heckled us (Sanne​, Niek​, Yvonne​, Holly​, Rudi​, Sabine​, Thomas​, Steven​), recorded, mixed or mastered our songs (Liedjescollectief, Floyd, Jordy), edited any videos (Klaas Jan, Robert) and especially David and Robert-Jan for being part of the band in the early years.

All the best,
Pete, Matt & Léon

P.S. With a bit of luck we’ll be able to share some new music in the coming months too.


New single ‘For A Second Or Two’

It’s Monday morning and high time for some new music. We’re delighted to be able to share our new single, ‘For A Second Or Two’, with you all. Thanks to Jordy Pama – Muziek & Audio and Floyd Atema for their help with recording, mixing and mastering, and to Robert Smeekes for putting this little video together.

We’ll be out and about this week. Catch us in Belgium and the Netherlands on the following dates:
31st August: Zolderzang I Galleons,Mechelen BE
1st September: Galleons [NL], Gent BE
2nd September: Galleons, Sneek NL

‘My right frame of mind’ and Spring shows

We have a couple of shows coming up before the Summer kicks in:
Thursday 1st June – Tankstation, Enschede, the Netherlands
Friday 2nd June – Sofa Concerts, Langst-Kierst, Germany
Saturday 3rd June – McMullers, Linnich-Kofferen, Germany

In case you missed it, we released a new song last month to celebrate our U.K. tour.  Listen to and download ‘My Right Frame of Mind’ here:

Pete, Matt & Léon


April U.K. Tour Announcement

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be back in the U.K. for a run of 4 shows next month, armed with a new mini-E.P. and a handful of new songs.

You can catch us on the following dates:
Thursday 6th April – The WorkshopLONDON
Friday 7th April – Hop Yard Brewing Co.FOREST ROW
Saturday 8th April – The Granary Bar, FROME
Sunday 9th April – The Bear, MARLBOROUGH

See you on the road!
Pete, Matt & Léon

New single ‘Trap’ released

Last year was our most active to date as a band, with numerous shows throughout the Netherlands, Germany, England and Wales. We also released a new E.P., entitled ‘Stalemate‘, and started writing and recording songs for what will become our debut album. One of these recordings, ‘Trap’, is now available for your listening and viewing pleasure below:

A massive thanks to Jordy Pama and Floyd Atema for recording, mixing and mastering the audio, and to Robert Smeekes for filming and editing the video.
Thanks once again for your support!
Pete, Matt & Leon

New live video

At the end of September we were back on the road again. In between a jam-packed weekend of shows in the Netherlands, we had just enough time to squeeze in a little live video:

The song shall feature on our debut album, due for release in early February 2017.
Before then we’ll be ending the year on a high in December:
– 15th December – Hofman Cafe, Utrecht
– 16th December – Podium Peter & Leni, Steendam
– 17th December – Sofa Concerts, Aschendorf, Duitsland

We’ll have more news in the coming weeks regarding the album and tour plans for 2017.
Pete, Matt & Leon


Summer vibes

We made it back in one piece from our 5 date UK Tour. It was great to see some old faces, and to meet so many new people. Thanks to everyone who put us on, put us up, put up with us or bought a cd. We will hopefully be returning early 2017, armed with a new release.

This month we shall start laying down some new songs, which we can hopefully share towards the end of the year.

Our next weekend of shows is in the Netherlands in September:
23rd September – Cafe Averechts, UTRECHT *
24th September – De Drukkerij, MIDDELBURG (afternoon)
24th September – Het Hijgend Hert, BREDA (evening) *
25th September – Skek, AMSTERDAM *
*with Niekse

Enjoy the Summer!
Pete, Matt & Leon


U.K. Tour shenanigans


At the end of May we shall be playing five dates around the UK, including a couple with the brilliant Effra. It would be great to see you at one of them:

Monday 30th May – The Latest Music Bar, BRIGHTON
Tuesday 31st May – Bath Fringe Festival, BATH *
Wednesday 1st June – GWDIHW, CARDIFF
Thursday 2nd June – All Tamara’s Parties, OXFORD
Friday 3rd June – Gallery Cafe, LONDON *
*with Effra

Thanks to Holly Dungan for the awesome poster artwork!

Looking forward to it.
Pete, Matt & Leon

‘Stalemate’ E.P. online / U.K. tour

On 18th January we offically released our new ‘Stalemate’ E.P., which can be listened to in it’s entirety here:

To coincide with this release, we’ll be playing five gigs around the UK at the end of May and beginning of June, including a couple with the brilliant Effra. It would be great to see you at one of them:

30th May – The Latest Music Bar, Brighton
31st May – Bath Fringe Festival, Bath *
1st June – GWDIHW, Cardiff
2nd June – All Tamara’s Parties, Oxford
3rd June – Gallery Cafe, London *
*with Effra

Wishing you all a wonderful 2016,
Pete, Matt & Leon

New ‘Stalemate’ E.P.

Behind the scenes we have been busy writing and recording a handful of new songs. Now we are pleased to be able to share with you our latest musical offerings!

In each of the coming three months we shall be making a new song from our new “Stalemate” EP available online. You can listen to the first song “Rookie Error” here: