NL 11th May – Bij de Steef Lunchpauzeconcerten, UTRECHT (1pm)
NL 11th May – Liedjesfestival at Brebl, Nijmegen (evening)
DE 12th May – Sofa Concerts, LANGST-KIERST, GERMANY

Past shows:
10th December – Strowis Sunday Afternoon Concerts, Utrecht
2nd September – Lewinski, Sneek
1st September – Café de Loge, Gent, Belgium
31st August – Zolderzang Summer Concert, Mechelen, Belgium
3rd June – McMullers, Linnich-Kofferen, Germany
2nd June – Sofa Concerts, Langst-Kierst, Germany
1st June – Tankstation, Enschede
9th April – The Bear, Marlborough UK
8th April – The Granary Bar, Frome UK
7th April – Hop Yard Brewing Company. Forest Row UK
6th April – The WorkshopLondon, UK
12th February – Strowis Sunday Afternoon Concerts, Utrecht
11th February – Zolderzang, Mechelen, Belgium
18th December 2016 – Hofman Cafe, Utrecht
17th December 2016 – Sofa Concerts, Aschendorf, Germany
16th December 2016 – Podium Cafe Peter & Leni, Steendam
25th September 2016 – Skek, Amsterdam
24th September 2016 – Het Hijgend Hert, Breda (evening)
24th September 2016 – De Drukkerij, Middelburg (afternoon)
23rd September 2016 – Cafe Averechts, Utrecht
3rd June 2016 – Gallery Cafe, London, UK
2nd June 2016 – The Black Swan Inn, Devizes, UK
1st June 2016 – GWDIHW, Cardif, UK
31st May 2016 – Bath Fringe Festival, Bath, UK
30th May 2016 – The Latest Music Bar, Brighton, UK
17th April 2016 – Koffie Leute, Utrecht
16th April 2016 – De Zeester, Nijmegen
15th April 2016Sofa Concerts, Langst-Kierst, Germany
14th April 2016KAde Café, Amersfoort
19th March 2016 – McMullers, Linnich-Kofferen, Germany
18th March 2016 – St Nicolaaskapel, Nijmegen
24th January 2016 – Strowis Sunday Afternoon Concerts, Utrecht
13th December 2015 – Gluren bij de Buren, Amersfoort
7th September 2014 – Café Averechts, Utrecht
6th September 2014 – CC2 Coehoorn, Arnhem
5th September 2014 – Het eerste uur, Nijmegen
10th August 2014 – Lazy Sunday Afternoon, Utrecht
29th June 2014 – Raspberry Sessions, Utrecht
21st March 2014 – The Old Fire Station, Oxford, UK
20th March 2014 – Cafe Kino, Bristol, UK
19th March 2014 – The Underbelly, London, UK
23rd February 2014 – Café Onder de Linde, Amersfoort
6th February 2014 – Preipop, Groningen
24th November 2013 – Café Averechts, Utrecht
23rd November 2013 – Live in the living room, Gouda
22nd November 2013 – Theater Branoul, Den Haag
21st November 2013 – Keek, Utrecht
15th September 2013 – Klein Berlijn, Utrecht
15th June 2013 – Willem Slok, Utrecht
19th May 2013 – House show, Oog in Al, Utrecht
18th May 2013 – House show, Oudenoord, Utrecht
31st March 2013 – Te Koop, Utrecht


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